People who have mental health challenges are our specialty.  Our professional social workers provide services here at Birchwood Care Home 5 days per week and provide referrals to any needed outside services  We have a contract with Associated Clinic of Psychology to provide in-house counseling services one full day a week, and a Medical Director as well visits.  Residents who prefer to go out to visit their mental health providers in the community will be assisted to arrange transportation as well as meet other needs that they may have.

Personal Care Services

Birchwood Care Home offers laundry services, a full service kitchen and dining room, weekly activity schedules, secure lockers, indoor smoking room, and much more.

Birchwood Care Home has nurses and nursing assistants available onsite under the directions of a Registered Nurse as our Director of Nursing and other management nurses.  Our residents find our staff to be very caring and knowledgeable.

Our Boarding Care licensure means that we comply with Minnesota and Federal regulations, for which we are regularly surveyed by the Minnesota Department of Health.  We are a skilled nursing facility.

Counseling Services

We are committed to our patients and providing them and their loved ones only the most exceptional care by our qualified and compassionate staff. We are located in Minneapolis with an emphasis on psychotherapy, in-house counseling, and medication management.