Medical Records

Nancy Meyers – Director Medical Records/ Management Information Systems

I have been a part of the Birchwood team since 2000. I enjoy working at Birchwood and can honestly say I enjoy coming to work every day helping out our residents and working with my co-workers. My nurses tell me I am the right hand for our nursing team, there is nothing we can’t take care of as a team. I take care of all appointments (medical, psych, dental, eye and specialty) and arrange special transportation to and from appointments. I also take care of IT problems and concerns. I also help manage insurances, Medicare part D, HMO and SNBC. Here at Birchwood we can take on anything that comes our way. You can contact me at with any questions or concerns.


The medical record contains all the pertinent information regarding your health care needs and the services you receive while at Birchwood Care Home


We will help you obtain the following services on a fee for services basis:

  1. Physician services every 30 days for the first 90 days after admission.
  2. Physician services at least every 60 days and more often if condition warrant.
  3. If resident is private pay, a waiver letter may be signed after the first 90 day physician services requirements are met.
  4. Emergency physician services when the resident’s own physician cannot be reached.
  5. Dental services.
  6. Podiatry services.
  7. Psychological services.
  8. Hearing aid services.
  9. Optometry services
  10. Speech, physical and occupational therapy services.
  11. Others as needed or requested.